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Membership Dues

Families, Friends, Wrenchers,

We are are excited to announce that we are officially rolling out 2016 Membership Dues for Low Country Land Cruisers! Currently our dues will be $30 annually. We plan on adding other options soon.

Payment can be sent to via PayPal! If you have not already registered on our website, please do so via the Join Us page! We will be adding payment methods directly to the site.

We are also excited for 2016, we have discussed some fun events and will be rolling out our calendar soon. Let us know if there are any questions.

Thank You,

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Club Traction…

Recently there has been much more interest in joining the club.   Since we went live with the new site and Facebook page earlier this year we have even unofficially had a couple members join.

There are atleast 10 memeber request emails in our inbox that are waiting for a reply from our newly appointed membership coordinator ErikinSC.  If one of these emails is yours, stand by…

We are looking into filing for a 501c and will be setting up an account and PayPal linked to it.  Once this is done we will then accept donations and annual membership dues.

These are exciting times for us at Low Country Land Cruisers….. If you haven’t been to an event or said “hi” in a while.   We hope that you will drop in or post on Mud soon.

Happy Holidays!

Low Country Land Cruisers

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6.19.2015 – HAMOM Review

 We didn’t have much on the plate since Kyle couldn’t make it but Matt needed to swap his radiator so we took that on. We soon realized there was no easy way to get to the radiator so we needed up having to take the front bumper off.  

Old radiator was a little dirty…..we rinsed it off before sending it back though haha!
Shot of The guys and Oliver the club mascot!

Thankfully we had Gunner to keep us all in line! Thanks for the steady wrenching Gunner see you next time!

Quick trip to OReilys for more coolant.
Shot of Mark working on his truck.

After work was finished, David, Tim and Matt began the real work!!! We layed some concrete around David’s bay so he can expand.  

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Once again, we began our morning with a much needed shower and a trip up to the pavilion for another breakfast of champions, Eggs, bacon, gravy biscuits, coffee and orange juice. We didn’t all make it there at the same time so after each of us were finished we made our way back to the cabin where we started to put together the game plan for the day.

The plan was to first head up to the Windmills with everyone, Erik drove his 40 up too. The trail up to the Windmills was all gravel and we arrived to the Windmills after about 15 minutes or so of climbing.

    After checking the Windmills out we split off from Marshall and Steve so they could do some harder stuff and Erik took an expedition on his own to get a better feel of his 40 since it was the first time it had been off-road.

We had a great time on the trail and got to get some nice flexing in.  Matts FJ Cruiser took a bad line and got a little TOO flexed, close call from the looks of it.


We ran into some fellow cruisers and talked shop for a little bit while a light sprinkle came down to cool things off.  It didn’t help with the dust on the trail though.


We finished the trail ride and stopped to discuss our next move….beer, dinner and the raffle.


We ran into this situation as we were heading out… times.



I’m not sure of the name of the St. Bernard but we referred to him as Cujo, but he was the opposite of Cujo, super nice.  After being on the trail all day we all worked up an appetite, we were ready for the BBQ!


Shot of the crowd on Friday night!  Everyone waiting for the raffle.


ARB swag!  Thanks Eric!


Fixing Erik’s jammed choke.


We closed out the night around the fire pit.


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Day 1 – GSMTR 2015

The bunkhouse David, Matt, Jeremy and Erik ended up in, slept pretty good. There were at least 3 lumberjacks in there sawing logs the whole night though…haha! We all showered and packed everything up and stored it in Eriks truck. Marshall, Steve and Teddy camped out. Breakfast started 7 and so we headed on up to the Pavilion to get some fuel for the long day of wheeling.

 Breakfast of champions! 
After filling up, we met back at the bunkhouse to air down and get our cruisers ready to ride. We also picked up our permits from the Park check-in.



Some pics from day 1 on the trail.




After several exciting hours of wheeling we made it back to camp and were able to check in to our cabin. 


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Trip Up and Arrival – GSMTR 2015

David and Matt met in Mount Pleasant and headed up to Summerville to meet up with Jeremy and Erik. The plan was to take off Jeremy’s roof rack but he decided to keep it on. We hit up Spinks Gas Station (which is AWESOME if you haven’t been) on the way to 26 West.

Spartanburg – We pulled in for gas at another Spinks (YESSS!). Someone saw Erik’s 40 and came over to talk to him. He let Erik know that he works for the local Toyota dealership and that they have 5 different restored 40’s. We ended up stopping by and soon realized we found the 40 mother load in SC!


Asheville -Matt suggested we stop at White Duck Taco in Asheville which was one of his favorite spots. So the Low Country Land Cruisers pulled into White Duck Taco. Matt was able to meet up with a good friend that was visiting Asheville.


It was time to hit the road again, Teddy was waiting to meet us at a rest stop on the highway. We kept checking the CB for him on the way up and finally got him on channel 7. We were able to confirm the location of the rest stop. We met up with Teddy and got back on the road.

Marshall and Steve were trailering their 40’s behind Steve’s badass excursion. That thing seemed to pull them effortlessly. After a while we had to pull over for gas again.

We finally made our way to Windrock. It was a beautiful day the entire trip. We checked into our cabin got settled in and had a couple cold snacks. We rallied troops and went out to dinner at the local mexican joint came back and most of us passed out.

More to come…..

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GMSTR Count Down

The Low Country will be represented by a 40, 62, 80 and FJC at this years Great Smokey Mountain Trail Ride!  We are all counting down the days and nights!  Get your rigs and gear ready boys!


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Toyota: Bring the 70 Series to the US!

There seems to be a growing Facebook group dedicated to Toyota bringing the new 70’s series to the U.S.!   If you are on Facebook, join now to show your support!

Bring 70 Series To the U.S.

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4.11.15 – HAMOM Review

It was a great day of wrenching on our vehicles. We had a good assortment of vehicles being worked on – an FJ40, an FJ62, an HJ61, an FZJ80, an FJ55, and a Tacoma. Also present was another FJ62 and an FJ Cruiser. 

The event kicked off at 9AM and we started the day by addressing club business. After about 45 minutes, we were ready to wrench. Lunch consisted of delicious bratwursts (burned by Jeremy and rescued by Michael), kale cole slaw by Kyle, and assorted chips and beverages. Most of the man hours were spent working on Mark’s HJ61. He had an exceptionally tall lift and was looking to lower the vehicle’s stance to a more manageable height. The truck is in impeccable condition and truly unique! Unfortunately, the hardware did not want to let go and some bolts needed to be cut off… We started with the front suspension and was complete by lunchtime. The nuts had rusted on to the U-Bolts, so David used the influence of his cutting torch to convince them to come off. The old bushings didn’t want to depart without a fight, but eventually they succumbed to Jeremy and Mark’s fierce hammer blows. The rear suspension was a bit more of a challenge as the spare tire could not be removed due to the lowering mechanism being rusted shut. We had difficulty getting leverage, but David’s mighty sawzall inflicted inevitable death on the rear shackles and we were able to quickly and properly install the new suspension. It looked great! 

Kyle brought his mint condition FJ62 to get a second opinion on some strange equipment that the prior owner had installed on his vehicle. A strange black box was determined to be a non-functional battery charger wired to the battery. There were also some unnecessary wires, so we removed anything strange and useless from his spotless engine compartment and proceeded to wire up some after market Hella lights. After a bit of troubleshooting, they were functioning properly.  

Tim brought his FZJ80 to have the steering pump replaced. This task was more difficult than it sounds because the pump is difficult to access and Tim possesses the enlarged hands of a battle axe wielding ancient viking (or Air Force veteran, take your pick). The assembly of the steering pump had us a bit confused because the banjo bolt would not let go of the retention bolt. After consulting with the manual, we figured out the issue and proceeded with removal. Reinstallation of the pump was quick, but aligning the banjo bolt took some patience. After the pump was replaced, Tim declared that it feels like he is driving a brand new truck. 

No stranger to Land Cruisers, Michael recently purchased his FJ55 Iron Pig and brought it out for some consulting. He replaced the master cylinder and discussed some upgrade options. While we expected to wrench on it a bit, Michael performed all of the work the night prior and denied us the excitement of working on it. We’ll get our chance, though, because he is looking to install an upgraded suspension and do a bit of restoration work. 

Jeremy was looking to replace his differential, Transfer Case, and Gear box fluids. After getting the vehicle on the lift, we discovered that the fluid was in perfect condition, so we decided not to drain it. Unfortunately, it appears that his Transfer Case will need eventual attention because it was practically empty and there were signs of leakage. He also purchased a Trollhole distributor, Toyota spark plugs, and Denso wires for installation. Upon inspection, he already had a practically brand new Electronic distributor (possibly a Trollhole), brand new Toyota plugs, and brand new Denso wires. We replaced his steering stabilizer, figured out that the new one wouldn’t work, and put the old one back on. Very little work was actually performed on the FJ40 so we are encouraging Jeremy to become more familiar with it and drive it more than twice a year. 

A good time was had by all and we are looking forward to the next meeting.   Some pictures from this event are below.

Cruise On, 

Low Country Land Cruisers  


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4.8.15 – Wrenching Wednesday Update

We have another huge HAMOM this weekend!

Current items to tackle are as follows, vehicle owner and model LC included.

Jeremy – FJ40 – Replace differential, gearbox, and TC fluids. Replace dizzy, plugs, and wires. Adjust carb
Kyle – FJ62 – Wire 2 aux lights to power, install switch on dash
Tim – 80 – replace Power Steering Pump
Mark – 80 – Replace springs
Michael – 62 – Possibly fixing Master Cylinder if there is time.


Reminder: Please bring something to snack on and your choice of beer. It has been decided that every HAMOM will also be a Beer exchange. smile emoticon

Can’t wait to see everyone, sounds like we have some new faces attending!



Low Country Land Cruisers

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